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Our contact form can be found below. Please read the following information before contacting us.

Emergency: If this is an emergency, please contact Dr. Deck or your therapist directly by calling their phone number (i.e., if it has been given to you) or by sending a text message to their email address. If you have any difficulty making contact please call 911 or go to the nearest Hospital Emergency Room.  

Non-Emergency: If this is not an emergency, you may use the contact form below.

Confidentiality: We take our clients’ confidentially very seriously. The information provided to us is held in strict confidence and is divulged only with your written authorization if required by law and/or if you or someone else is in danger.  Please see our Privacy and Confidentiality Policy for more information.  

Important Notice: By contacting us and/or by requesting a consultation, you acknowledge and accept these terms and those in our Privacy Policy.

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